Time For Playgro

It’s time for Playgro! We love babies- we care about their growth, development, comfort and happiness. But we also care about parents! We understand the joys and challenges of being a parent. We get it – we get you! Playgro is a solution, we can assist parent and baby in their shared developmental journey. We aim to make every day more fun, more enjoyable, easier, and a calmer and happy time for both parent and baby. Our products are safe, quality products designed to aid baby’s development, comfort and happiness.

Time for bed? No, not you….the baby! Time for Playgro.
Time to head out and about? Time for Playgro.
Time to develop, play, think, look and listen? Time for Playgro.
Time for you? Time for Playgro.
Time for bath tub fun? Time for Playgro.

At every possible moment, whether you need a quick shower or baby needs something to teethe on – we want to help you! We’re ready to partner with you on your wonderful journey through parenthood, and your baby’s (very fast!) journey through infant development.

Time for Meals

Time for Crawling

Time for Puzzles

Time for Play

Time for Music

Time for Training Motor Skills

Time for Music and Movement

Time to Shake

Time for Gifts

Time for Teething

Time for Splashes

Time for a Bath

Time for Sit and Play

Time for Stimulating Senses

Time for Stories

Time for Reading

Time to Link and Go

Time to Sooth Sore Gums

Time for Chill and Chew

Time for Bonding

Time for a Wash

Time for Fun

Time for Tummy Time

Time for a Car Trip

Time for a Walk in The Park

Time for Sleeping

Time for Snuggles

Time for Floor Play

Time for Training Motor Skills

Time for Problem Solving

Time for Dancing

Time for Building